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RateGain exclusive partner in Egypt SITA Egypt

RezGain Hotel Channel Manager from RateGain

RezGain is RateGain’s smart distribution channel manager which not only helps distribute rates and inventory with speed and efficiency but also unlocks new revenue generation opportunities. It is a one-stop channel management solution for online distribution, providing the largest connectivity covering big & long-tail channels across the world with end-to-end two-way integration with PMS / CRS/ RMS/ Tour Operators/ GDS/ Bed-Banks/ Wholesalers & OTA’s.

RezGain has been connecting demand partners to the supply partners for more than a decade now processing billions of ARI updates and millions of reservations. Maximize your visibility on global and local OTAs and other channels to ensure you attract travelers no matter where they’re shopping and booking accommodation.

RezGain Channel mannager

World’s Favorite Channel Manager


Key Features

Why is RezGain the World’s Favorite Channel Manager?

ARI Success Rate
Reservations Delivery Success
Other Channel Managers
Insights on Similar Hotels Benchmarking with Similar Hotels on key metrics like ADR, LoS and Booking Window
Channel Recommendations & Enabling Connectivity Demand discovery in terms of source market & channels; End to end facilitation of channel connectivity
Automated Mapping powered by AI Mapping Recommender that mapping effort…
Tour Operator Connectivity Connect to 100s of Tour Operators & manage them in an automated manner through RezGain
Automated Yielding Rules Rule based Automated Inventory Management
Productivity Analytics Intuitive Dashboard on key productivity metrics
Enterprise Analytics Chain level analytics & Insights Dashboard
Long Tail Channel Connectivity Connectivity with local channels including the likes of Airbnb
End to end product suite Rate shopping, Brand Management, Content Distribution, GDS, OTA & TO Distribution
Common pool inventory Maintain common pool for all channels with ease
Training & 24X7 Support Webinars, In-person training & Dedicated RM
Automated Reservation Delivery Automatics Delivery of Reservations & Auto-resubmit
Automated Currency Conversion Real-time currency conversion powered by
Key channel connectivity All major OTAs integrated with RezGain
Multi-Lingual Provides support in multiple languages
GDS Connectivity GDS connectivity with lowest setup time & low setup fee

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