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OPTIMA Hotel Revenue Management

SITA Egypt Is exclusive partner In Egypt.

Real-time Rate Intelligence Platform for Hotel Revenue Managers


A smart pricing strategy helps a hotelier boost revenue. In order to design an informed pricing strategy, revenue managers need to have a real-time, 360-degree view of their competitive landscape and market.

Our real-time Rate Intelligence Platform OPTIMA empowers revenue managers to stay on top of competition and market trends. OPTIMA is an easy-to-use, multilingual platform that provides accurate rate intelligence. It enables its users with the largest variety of channels to shop from, along with market and rank insights.

OPTIMA’s new feature MarketDRONE is the world’s only real-time, cognitive rate intelligence solution. It pushes competitive and market rate intelligence notifications to revenue managers in real time, on a device of their choice. It enables them to stay on top of the intra-day rate changes and unlock new revenue by using the insights to inform their pricing strategy.

Key Features

OPTIMA Hotel Revenue Management


Delay in getting the intra-day rate changes intelligence by competition and not acting on the intelligence in real-time make hoteliers lose up to 10% annual revenue. On an average, a hotel in a dynamic market changes rates several times a day. The frequency of these changes increases as we get closer to the check-in date. The traditional, scheduled rate-shopping tools simply do not help revenue managers resolve this problem. OPTIMA MarketDRONE, powered by our robust distribution technology DHISCO, gets real-time insights on rate changes by hotels and pushes the competitive rate intelligence notifications to revenue managers in real time, on a device of their choice.

Machine Learning Driven Data Quality Framework

An industry first initiative to provide data that is complete and provides the full context of the intelligence to stay ahead.

Lightning Refresh To Impact Real-Time Decisions

Achieve accuracy and productivity by allowing hotels to refresh and receive real-time competitor rates at the click of a button.

The availability of the most updated rates, updated in the calendar in less than 60 seconds, serves as a key input for hoteliers while developing an effective pricing strategy.

OPTIMA Hotel Revenue Management

Market Compression Indicator To Improve Yield

View multiple properties in a single dashboard through a highly intuitive interface which enables eyeballing rates across check in dates easier than ever before. Equipped with a Market Positioning widget gives you a graphical view of your price positioning vis-à-vis your competitors.

A Market Compression indicator highlights dates that can yield better due to supply in the market going down and much more made available in an excel format as well for a consolidated view across properties.

Geo-Based Shopping To Gain From Every Market

Market intelligence for hotels not customized to international markets leads to revenue loss making it important to get data that is exactly how it reflects in the source markets.

Geo-based rate shopping software like Optima keeps you out of exchange rate calculations and prices you in the right market at the right price.

OPTIMA Hotel Revenue Management

Smart Shopping Capabilities To Identify Restrictions

  • Iterative length of stay (LOS):
    Spot minimum LOS restrictions applied by any of your competitors across channels
  • Mobile rates tracking:
    Track mobile only promotional rates defined by your competitors
  • Member rates tracking:
    Track closed user group promotional rates and engage with potential customers
  • Advanced Rate Tagging Engine:
    Advanced rule based tracking of specific promotions, inclusions or freebies your competition might be bundling with the room

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